Wow. Monday is here. Day one of indoor gyms being open in New York!

First, thank you to every single person who played even the smallest part in helping our gym to survive this. Many gyms did not. So many of you paid your memberships all the way through till July! Some of you begged me not to stop running their cards. Several people asked me if they could sponsor other members to help them to keep paying their dues during the shutdown. So whether you held on for a few weeks or a few months, or whether it was just words of support, thank you so much.

Okay, on to the protocols. Lots of info here.

Here is how the day will go . . .

Go on triib and hit “reserve spot” for the class you are attending.

Fill out the survey under the posted wod on the blog and submit it.

Do not come in the building until 5 minutes before class time.

The cubbies are open and you can put your things in them. The bench is closed.

Come find a workout spot on the platform. You can grab any equipment you want at any time. Foam rollers, bands, etc. Just stay 6 feet away form others.

Class will be pretty much the same except I will now be posting a Part A which is the warm up. Stretch on your own if needed, because the warm up will primarily be activation and warming up. You can get whatever equipment you need on your own to do strength etc., as long as your practicing social distancing. There are blue lines that indicate your station. There is a blue X behind your station where you can put your rower or bike etc. (For the end spaces, the X is next to the rig) There are purple X’s on the platform in between stations. We will be leaving those unoccupied.

There is a purple line near the back area. We are trying to keep this area open for private training.

We have cleaning stations set up at every rig spot with alcohol spray, wipes, sanitizer and liquid chalk. The chalk buckets are gone.

After your workout, when you regain consciousness, use your cleaning supplies to clean your equipment. You can hang in your rig spot and talk but no congregating near the bench. There is hand sanitizer on the wall at the front if you need it on the way out.

Masks are required at all times, except outside and when you drink. Drinking water during the wod is a great way to get some relief from the mask. Take a break, pull that mask down, get some water and air. A couple of breaks like that make all the difference.

That’s how it will work. We can do this guys.

Here is a reminder of the major changes. . .

Sorry, this is self evident, but no kids in the gym.

Water: The notebook is gone. I suggest bringing your own water but I if you don’t, the dollar water is still there. I won’t be selling other drinks right now and the notebook is gone. So bring some singles if you want water. If you don’t have it, that’s cool. Take a water and get me another day.

Preregistration: You MUST reserve your spotvia the Triib app. Pull up the class on the calendar and click “reserve spot.” Classes are capped at ten and you can reserve your spot up to 48 hours before class time.

Masks: We all have to wear them

Survey: On the blog every night. Its a different link every night. I will get an email when its completed and I’ll match it up against the check ins.

Ipad: The ipad is gone. You have to use the app.

Now. . .

Part A

3 Rounds

250 Meter Row

5 air squats

5 hang power clean

Part B

3 Pause squat clean building to moderate weight.

Pause at mid shin, knee and thigh. A full one second at each position. See video below


“Don’t Call it a Comeback”


AMRAP: 9 Minutes

5 Push Presses 95/65

7 Hang Power Cleans 95/65

5 Push Presses 95/65

15 Box Jumps 24/20

RX Plus: 115/80

Scaled: 75/55, 20/11

Please clink link below to complete survey. Thanks!