Saturday 9 am class killing “The Bear Complex”

I’m really excited to finally announce to everyone that Thor Fitness will become a part of the Amp Army and the Long Island Affiliate League (although there will be a name change for the third season, I believe the Long Island Fitness League.)  So what does this mean?  Starting in the Fall we will become an ambassador and will be one of two boxes hosting the Long Island Fitness League competitions.  The other box will be CrossFit Strong Island in Merrick.   There will be approximately 30 teams competing.  This is the third season and each season keeps growing.  If you want to put a team together, start doing so now!

As you know we have a pretty kick ass new sound system.  I’m new to Sonos and am trying to figure it out.  In the meantime, if you have some songs you want me to use for a playlist, let me know!!!  I’ll be glad to put many playlists together whether it be dance, techno, rock ….

And on another note, I always get feedback on workouts posted.  I hear “That sucked … it was great.  When can we do it again?”  Or “That was a good one.”  Or “I really like EMOMS.  Keep them coming.”  If there is a benchmark workout or any workout that is your absolute favorite or just a workout you enjoyed doing, let me know and I will repost it.  I try to make a mental note when I hear these comments and then …. I forget.


Take 15 mins to hit a 1 RM snatch (yes, full squat)

CrossFit WOD:

3 rds:

15 pull ups RX+ C2B

25 kb swings 53#/35# RX+ 70#/44#

400 meter run

*** Do not do RX+ unless you are going to move quick!!


3 rds:

15 ring rows or jumping pull ups

25 kb swings 26#/18#

200 meter run

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