Hey guys. I hope everyone had a great weekend. First, I got some great messages of support from a lot of you. Thank you! Secondly I saw some people hitting some really cool workouts for the 4th. Don’t forget when we get this going again we WILL be hitting Murph and Whitten. So be ready.

No news from NY but I was contacted by the attorney handling our class action suit and they plan to file this week. We are alleging violations of the Equal Protection clause and the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Plus we are filing a motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the Governor from enforcing the executive order.

Back to fitness. I know a lot of you are hitting some great workouts and I’ve seen some awesome programming. Please don’t forget to take your rest days and throw in some light days as well. It helps your body in the long run and promotes adaptation.

Here’s a cool two parter to get the week started and we have a new move! The plyo push-up! Check out the video above. We need an explosive push. No clap! Do it on your knees if you have to. Just get a good push. Take as much rest as you need in part A. It’s a lot of pushing.

Part A

3 Sets

5 Paused push-ups (8 second hold with chest just off the ground)

5 Plyo Push-ups

5 Push-Ups


For Time


Mountain climbers-Double count (left plus right equals 1 rep!)


Jumping lunges