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Single arm DB push press (4 x 10)

Try not to lean left or right. Keep your core as tight as possible and stay centered. Start with your weaker arm  and try to get 10 reps. Match however many you got on the other side. Immediately following your set complete 1 min plank hold. Rest 1 min and repeat for 4 rds. Perform a few warm up sets first on the DB push press and do not include them in your 4 sets of 10



Amrap every 4 minutes x 4

15/12 cal bike

15 sdhp 95/65

15/12 cal row

15 pull ups


Amrap every 4 minutes x 4

12/9 cal bike

10 sdhp 95/65

12/9 cal row

10 pull ups


Amrap every 4 minutes x 4

10/7 cal bike

10 sdhp 65/35

10/7 cal row

10 ring rows

*** If you need to scale back on reps to get it done in 4 minutes, do it!