I will be announcing holiday hours tomorrow. We will definitely be open on Thanksgiving and the day after. I’ll keep you posted.

Please let me know if you want to order any apparel. I’ll be placing another order by the end of this week. I do have some extra hoodies in a size small. See me if you are interested.

Programming has changed in the last few weeks. Feedback has been super positive. Starting today I’ll be doing similar programming, but tweaking things and adding more mobility and changing up the warm up. It’s important to get to class on time. Five minutes after class start time a group warm up will start.  Level 2’s will always be scaled and modified by your coach.  I’ll also be focusing on those that are training for the Open, which starts in February. There will be Open programming that can be done before, during or after regular class. Joe G will also be incorporating this programming into his Saturday specialty class at 10 am. Let me know what you think?


back squat

4 rds:

In a :30 second window max reps @ 70%

Rest 2:30 minutes between sets


“Dirty 30”

30 box jumps 24″/20″

30 pull ups RX+ C2B

30 kb swings 53#/35#

30 front squats 115#/80# 

30 T2B

30 push press 115#/80# 

30 deadlift 115#/80#

30 wall balls 20#/10 14#/9′

30 burpees

30 du’s



1. ring muscle ups

3 rds:

25% of max unbroken muscle ups

35% of max unbroken muscle ups

45% of max unbroken muscle ups

Rest as little as needed between sets and rest 2 minutes between rounds

2. Back squats

4 rds:

In a :30 second window max reps @ 70%

Rest 2:30 minutes between sets

3. Conditioning:

amrap 20 minutes

10 thrusters 135/95

30 cal row

16 C2B pull ups