We had a great weekend competing at Flex on the Beach. I hope those of you who were thinking about competing but were apprehensive will do it next year. It’s a long day and the workouts are no joke, but it’s a great time with great people. If you’ve been inconsistent with your workouts, this is the week to get your act together and get in here and get back to serious training. I put a Flex on the Beach album together on Facebook. Be sure to check it out. Since I was competing, I didn’t have a chance to get everyone. I did the best I could!!

I will be putting garment order sheets together with Matt for Fall garments. We’ll have hoodies, thermals and baseball t’s for you to choose from. Please be patient! Thanks!


Press + push press + push jerk

1 + 1 + 1 x 5

Build with each set

CrossFit WOD:

3 rds:

1 min max reps thrusters 95#/65#

1 min rest

1 min max reps pull ups

1 min rest

1 min max reps hang power snatch 95#/65#

1 min rest

*** Score is total repsĀ