A big thank you to my husband, Steve, and Steve D. for taking the time out of their busy schedules and on their day off to put weightlifting platforms together. I thought we would have a bigger turnout for help, but … nope. They were only able to get one side done, so all of the heavy lifters will be on the side of the platforms. Again, thank you Steve and Steve!! I really appreciate you making the gym a better place to workout in. 


Front squat + push press + thruster

1 + 1 + 1 x 5

work up to a heavy complex

CrossFit WOD:


deadlifts 155#/135#

pull ups

25 double unders after each interval

10 deadlifts, 10 pull ups, 25 double unders

9 deadlifts, 9 pull ups, 25 double unders

8 deadlifts, 8 pull ups, 25 double unders ….

until 1. You are ending on 25 double unders

**singles are 2:1