Hey guys , couple of schedule changes. Lots of vacations this week and people are kind f finding htier way checking out new gyms etc. I’ve gotten good feedback on Smithtown and Cow Harbor. There is also a gym called NCFit in Stony Brook which I believe is a functional fitness franchise created by Jason Khalipa. It might be worth checking out.

So, there will be no PM classes on Friday.

Also, Saturday will be an old school Crossfit day. Classes are at 8 and 9 and it will be regular CrossFit. We have one Shred left and it will be on 9/3.

Part A

10 Minutes

10 Cal Row

10 Hand Release Push-Ups

10 Ring Rows

Part B

4 Rounds

10 Close Grip Bench Press (As heavy as you can. If first set is easy, add weight)

8 Chin-Ups

Part C

5 Rounds For Time

12/9 Cal Bike

6 Hang Power Snatches 95/65

3 Wall Walks

Scaled: 75/55