As you all know Kettlebell Kitchen will be here with their first delivery on Monday. If you’re interested in ordering, set up an account first with your login information and pick Thor Fitness on the drop down for place of delivery. Use the code FUSION for a 20% off discount that is good only until Novemeber 1st. You must have a minimum of $25.

The order cutoffs are:

• Wednesday evening by midnight for Monday delivery • Saturday evening by midnight for Thursday delivery

The complete menu, along with ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be found here:

Ordering instructions and FAQs can be found here:

***This week the 8:15 pm Tuesday, Thursday class has been cancelled. 


EMOM x 10 min

1 snatch

start light, work up to a heavy single

CrossFit WOD:

amrap 15 min:

3 snatches 115/75 RX+135/95

6 T2B

9 push ups w h/r