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Alright. Final Shred. As you know, I love this style of training and I’ve experimented a lit with mixing aesthetics and CrossFit style circuits adding in cardio pieces and and strict movements. I’d urge you to experiment yourself when you can by doing this too and focusing on your weaknesses, especially the bodyweight exercises. As we age, the ability to do pull-ups, dips, jumps, burpees over rower etc. separate us from the rest of the Charmin Ultra Soft scrubs you see in the wild.

I was thinking about doing the Golden 6 but I’m giving the lower half a break because we pounded it pretty good on Monday. So here is one that kind of sums up this type of training. We get bodyweight, barbell, cardio abs etc. Register early. We really can’t have more than 12.

See you tomorrow or Sunday. Or after that for the sale!

10 Minute AMRAP

12/8 Cal Assault Bike

6 Curls 75/45

12 Strict press 75/45

4 Minute Rest

10 Minute AMRAP

10/8 Cal Row

10 ring dips

25 Tuck Ups

4 Minute Rest

10 Minute AMRAP

10/8 Cal Ski

10 Strict Chin-Ups

15 Plate Crunches 35/25