Masters Competition competitors and supporters!

So what do you all think about the new blog?? Go to the main page and navigate. If you scroll down to the very bottom on the main page it says “Fuel” on the lower right. This is my new Progenex link set up for Thor Fitness members to place your order and pay them directly. If you have any questions, let me know. 

So what are you thoughts on an in-house throw down? Teams of two? Coed? Individual? I need your feedback!

Don’t forget to bring someone in for Friends and Family on Sunday during the 9 and 10 class. If you know of someone that is interested in coming but can’t make that day, let me know what day will work. I’ll be posting a “fun” workout!!



1 snatch

Start light and work up to a heavy single

Get out of your comfort zone and work on your squat snatch during this strength program. You have ten sets to work on it.

CrossFit WOD:

amrap 15 min:

3 power snatches 115#/75# RX+ 135#/95#

6 T2B

9 push ups