Chandler and Shannon (love these girls!!)

I thought I would share some insight with you all and hope that you realize how awesome it is that you’re doing something great by coming to Thor Fitness every week and making it a priority to be healthy.  I’ve been coaching for eight years and a gym owner going on five of those 8 years (with a big back round in personal training as well … you know, globo gym training before I discovered CrossFit.)  On a daily basis I witness Pr’s that aren’t just heavy lifts, but getting the first double under or running 400 meters without stopping. Every new accomplishment to me is a PR (personal record.) Then there’s the health benefits of weight loss, coming off  blood pressure medication or a significant drop in high cholesterol.  There are the members who are more active with their kids since starting CrossFit and not only feel better physically but mentally.  I also hear stories from my athletes who do CrossFit to make them better at their sport or the CrossFitter who’s recreational golf game has improved tremendously. CrossFit is functional fitness and prepares us for the unknown and unknowable, which is  also why police officers, firemen  and military personnel do CrossFit to help them in their daily jobs of protecting and rescuing.

I could go on and on about how I’ve seen CrossFit change people’s lives for the better over the last 8 years, but I think you get the picture. I can’t tell you how many lame, poor excuses I’ve heard from people who don’t even try CrossFit or who leave the gym for the most ridiculous reasons. The “I’m too busy ” excuse is the best. Just ask my 5:30 am and 8 pm people how busy they are.  I’m pretty sure they are super busy, but make it work in the early am or late pm hours.  The best is when I hear how someone wants to start but wants to get in shape first before starting the elements program.  Really?? It’s never too late to make changes. Be proud that you are all here making your health a priority.  I appreciate your hard work and dedication and coming in every week to challenge yourself to some great/God awful workouts. Speaking of … don’t forget to sign up for the Murph challenge on Sunday!! I’m super proud of you all!!




CrossFit WOD:


3 rds:

400 meter run

21 kb swings 53#/35#

12 pull ups


3 sets NFT: (not for time) Do it on your own

10 v ups

20 jack knife situps

20 flutter kicks (l/r =1)