Just a few announcements for you all.  This Monday, July 28th I will be posting the workout for the CMC.  Anyone signed up for the CMC  whether a member of Thor Fitness or not, will be welcome to come to Thor Fitness and participate in the workout.  We will be doing this again in August.  Also, Nick and Byron from Muscle Up Paleo will be here at 8 pm to give you details on a Paleo Challenge that they will be hosting.  The entry fee is minimal, but the grand prize is big!!


Back squats


CrossFit WOD:

6 rds:

1 min of rowing for calories

1 min burpees

1 min double unders or 2:1

1 min rest (Use this time to write down your score for each round.) Sprint it out for each round!!!

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  1. Ann

    Resting for sure! Now I definitely can’t walk after these past 2 days-LOL!! Awesome workouts Patty-well worth it! Thank You!