OCTOBER 15, 2013


OCTOBER 15, 2013

The new site went live tonight, and I’m super excited to see it all come together.  Props to Kathleen who spent so much time and energy putting this together.  She knows her graphic design.  She knows her CrossFit, and she knows me.  Thank you Kathleen.  You rock!!

So let’s get busy….


5 sets of:

1 clean starting above the knee

1 clean starting below the knee

1 clean from the floor

You have five sets to work on your form and technique.  Add weight as you see fit.  These are full cleans … ass to the basement people!!

CrossFit WOD:

“Good Times”

12 minute time cap

1000 meter run

amrap with the remaining time of:

5 cleans 135#/95#

7 push ups w hand release


12 minute time cap

600 meter run

amrap with the remaining time of:

5 cleans 65#/35#

7 push ups

20 Responses

  1. kmac

    AHH sorry guys, I didn’t think she would do it too soon either! I might not even make it in tonight to run with you 🙁 Happy Tuesday!

      1. Kmac

        Lol yep. I hated it but since I did make the comment about adding more runs I felt like I had to do it 🙂 see you tomorrow!

  2. Ann

    Patty, website looks really great and the workout was great too – I can’t believe I beat everyone’s time in 7:30am class today! Oh wait! I was the only one there-LOL!!! Thanks for help with clean technique, helped a lot!