Who’s up for a Paleo challenge?  I have a four week program in the works.  I’ll keep you posted with the details.

If you haven’t ordered from Muscle Up Paleo, the deadline is 12 pm tonight (Thursday). Place your orders! If you haven’t tried the meals yet and are curious as to how they are, place an order and give it a try for one week.  If you see any items that you don’t care for, email them and they will gladly sub out for some other meal on the menu.

Let’s get ready for Murph coming up this Memorial Day!  I will also have a scaled version of Murph as well.  Make a donation and get a cool t shirt.  The fundraiser is called The Murph Challenge.

Every year we come together as a gym and do this brutal workout together while raising money for a great cause.  The full details are in the link listed above. 


3 set of 3 pos clean (floor >below knee >above knee) + jerk

5 clean and jerk x 1 rep

CrossFit WOD:

7 rds:
9 power clean 115#/85#  RX+ 155#/115# L1 65#/35#
7 hr push ups
9 box jumps  24″/20″ RX+30″/24″ L1 14″/11″
7 hr push ups