Just a few announcements … we have two teams of two competing this Saturday at CrossFit Grassfed in Medford. The competition will be from 8:30 to approximately 1 pm. Come out and show your support! Those competing are Willy and Ann, Jamie and Joe, Chrissy and Andrew. Good luck to you all!

Also, the weightlifting class will be cancelled for this weekend only. There will be open gym at 10 am instead. Sorry for any inconvenience.

CrossFit WOD:

EMOTM X 18 min

Even min: 8 hang power cleans 135#/95# RX+ 155#/115#

15 double unders

Odd min: 10 T2B


Even min: 5 hang power cleans 75#/45#

20 singles

Odd min: 10 medbal situps

Choose a weight that you are able to move with! Singles are 2:1. Do the best you can to get in all of your reps! Scale back if needed.